Friday, December 3, 2010

WARNING: Photo-laden post!

I cannot but start off by mentioning the first ever photoshoot for Babettopolis which happened almost exactly a week from today. So first, think of a photoshoot, then remove all possible related stress conjured up with the image. That was our photoshoot, and I say 'our' because concerned parties did such a good job out of it that I simply want to share the spoils.
Thanks go to the very talented, unbelievably efficient and much-in-demand Denise Scicluna ( and/or and/or for taking the reigns and making me feel blissfully useless (for once!) .. and to Tracey Gatt for being unpretentiously perfect and obliging throughout ... in the face of a short notice and other obvious lackings related to low(no!)-budget shoots.
The shoot took place at my new home so we had to do with very limited resources and a very intrusive cat as well.
Following is a fraction of the results, with which I am overjoyed!

And even though I had promised myself a break after this something of a milestone.. I kept coming back from work exceptionally driven.. with only two weeks on my hands before the Christmas edition of PATCHES I should probably have the proverbial kit-kat and start logically packing my wares and tablecloths. Instead I'm staying up till really late (for an early-rising teacher!) finishing off stuff I'm kicking myself for not finishing earlier in time for the shoot.
Still, maybe if I did, then the results would have been entirely different and not half as satisfying.
WE ARE HOLY doll-head necklace makes it to my personal top 3

... and inspired by a particularly spoilt Tsarina who in the end got what she deserved: A NO IS A NO IS A NO IS A ... doll-head necklace (although at this point I'm seriously doubting whether I should have been calling them 'Neckpieces' instead)
This is my pending project..
don't forget to look through this site for more information about the big 12th...

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