Thursday, November 25, 2010

May I just say..

It's been a bad week in general and I'd hate to dwell on it here as well since I've been doing just that since last friday.. and there's still a day to go.. a day full of pasty faced kids and ill treated palettes and paintbrushes in flight.. too close for comfort.. too much promises of a pay and no delivering.. my nail-beds are all shrivelled and dyed in primary colours .. over and above all this one must deal with staff and try and get home in one piece with enough energy to sew and create things.. May I just say ..
I simply want a scone and a cup of tea. Thank you.

The picture above shows a recent acquisition .. just my kind of framed scapular collection (thanks for the word Anita!) on a very nicely faded blue background that matches my new bedroom wall and the presently disconnected LP player for which we have big plans. I shall be hanging it up above my bed-side table shortly. I only have one worry .. every day, precisely at 6am, the cat jumps onto the dresser where the frame now rests and starts scratching the glass .. it is creeping me out.. but I'm going to ignore it and pretend he's trying to bring to my attention the fact that he's feeling peckish.

And below. Someone's awfully happy about the new bookcases. The other one has an empty shelf which I intend to stuff with cooking books I haven't yet transferred or bought.

On the creative front.. the run-up for Patches - The Special Market (Christmas Edition) has been leaving me breathless and really stressed. Trying to strike a balance between finishing work on time and not stressing it.. this is a redhead and peacock feather fascinator affair mounted onto a cosy brown faux fur band. That way one can look pretty whilst keeping their ears warm.

And this is a grey satin cap I've constructed out of scraps from material used for a skirt.. the embroidery took me ages to finish as I kept leaving my box behind wherever I went. But knowing what exactly I had in mind for this paticular project kept me focused throughout as I usually tend to change my plan mid-way through. I've baptized it 'DECO lotus root cap' and I intend to hold on to it unless someone really appreciative comes along.. It's a labour of love and it fits perfectly!

I shall now retire to bed.. it's a warm fuzzy place and it smells faintly of tea-tree oil, day-old linen, favourite companion and my cat's fur. I like the combination ..
This is my mum preparing wholemeal spaghetti for tomorrow. I like this combination too.

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