Tuesday, September 10, 2013

... and now, on to something musical

as if this wasn't a busy enough week/month for Babettopolis ..

but let's be honest .. it's hard to turn down a twinkly-blue-eyed request
'la famiglia' comes first, always
moreover, I happen to be an actual unbiased fan of the band's work so
any excuse to help out is more than welcome.

it started with a blank sheet of plywood.. many things do in my world
I came home one day to find this in the kitchen..
would have preferred a negroni and a lamb shank but oh well..
cutting out a festive and art-deco-ed 'pavaljun' pattern proved to be
the easiest of tasks in the whole process

My in-laws .. such great help .. super organized and always
carrying bountiful bags of sandwiches!
This is the sandpapering, dusting and crazy-taping stage..
proving, more than anything else I've ever done,  that I am,
really and truly, quite

How cool are they, they even bring me beer ..
beer drinking on the job .. I <3 my job(s)
black undercoat on, black eggshell paint layer on, nail-bed beyond hope or repair!

Alexandra stops by to help with the de-taping ..
and also ruins her nails for a good cause in the process ..

thank you for ruining your nails with me ^_^

under the watchful eye of 2 Safari poster tigers,
I start filling in the de-taped areas in white egg-shell paint.
A back-breaking balancing act when the surrounding black is still very

.. a weekend of drying time and one crafty handmade stencil later ..
it is done

.. and ready to be put up on site ..

photo credit: the lovely Jeanine Rizzo who happened to be walking by this very morning!

.. and for further advertising purposes ..
I also did the poster for the event
.. just the excuse to officially launch my imaginary career
in civic engineering/architecture

yes I'm still young/silly enough to dream I can be anything
 I want to be if I put my mind and pen to it..

.. as from next Monday I'll be launching my dancing career
with my interpretation of Ravel's Bolero..

and this is the poster ..

Last words .. if you're on the island and it's not rainy and feel like a live gig .. see you there ..
everyone involved is working really hard for this.. just so that you know!

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PS: I do expect/accept sushi as payment


  1. Hi Maria! I've been following your blog since a few months now and always really enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful things you make with others :) I have a small question for you. I moved to Malta last year and recently bought a sewing machine here. Can you give some tips for good spots to buy fabric and other craftsy materials? Thanks! Suzanne

    1. ^_^ thank you for your feedback Suzanne..
      wish I had more time at my disposal to blog about more projects and in more detail, but alas, time is not on my side!

      I regularly shop at JB Stores in Iklin .. it's the biggest store with the widest range of fabric ranging from the crafty and costume-y to finer material for dressmaking .. I also love the old haberdasheries in Valletta who stock almost everything (but not necessarily what you need.. they're the kind of shops you just go to for inspiration rather than with a set-in-stone shopping list since they don't stock everything).. one is in Zachary street, and one in St John's street

      however I also make it a point to let everyone know that I'd be interested in having a look at whatever friends/family/random people off the net (not one risky incident to date, don't worry!)deem unusable and are about to throw away.. I've been given some truly priceless pieces of fabric, haberdashery etc in the past, so ask around ..

      another good source is of course local bazaars/charity shops .. you just have to keep an eye out especially now that christmas is approaching since they tend to organize several in time for the festive season!

      Hope that I've been of some help!

  2. Thanks for your helpful answers :) I had already discovered the haberdasheries in Valletta, they are indeed fantastic!