Monday, November 26, 2012

If all else fails ...

... stick some pins into it!

All I want to say is that such a life-choice heightens your experience of life in general (very much like war, but in a substantially safer way), and 'happiness' (even more than ever before) becomes a question of calculating your distances properly - the craft itself teaches you this - it brings together the joy of sharing and the joy of being able to select what and who to keep. It is a good life, and a good life softens - and this is why, with an imminent New Year, I find myself regretting next to nothing. I think I shall keep to this for a while longer - or at least, till I go completely bankrupt!

In the meantime, I'm here to remind you of next Sunday's big event - PATCHES!
I'm working hard for it, the rest of the organizational team as well .. and guess what, so are all the artisans I know - it would be lovely to have you there. Expect some early Christmas cheer, festive drinks and a load of freshly prepared food, live crafts and a hall-full of lovingly set-up stalls! This time round I'm actually setting up my own stall with hats, beaded items, hand painted ceramic ware and also some costume jewellery .. must admit I'm lagging behind on preparations but I'm stuffing my face with digestive biscuits and talking myself into a state of calm about it. Everything will come together .. somehow .. I'm sure.

so here's the site with all the participants' profiles <site>
here's the facebook event page for more details <event>

In other news, here are three pairs of shoes I ordered as a treat to self from my shoemaker. I've been thinking about having them made for a long time now .. and considering the inexplicable (and frankly quite embarrassing) joy you feel when you try all three in succession and each pair fits perfectly, it's a wonder why I didn't get round to ordering them before! The first is a thigh-high textured brown pair of boots with a BIBA inspired platform and heel .. I am still in the process of deciding whether it needs a big velvet bow with a buckle on the front .. hmm

The second pair is the silver ankle boots of wonder. For those who know me well, this news should come as a relief - all the wishful thinking has materialized and I shall henceforth refrain from mentioning silver boots over and over again. Now I have a pair of my own and they make my walking even more enjoyable and sprightly. I look down at the shiny points and immediately feel better - in fact, on doctors' orders - I shall be wearing them everyday!

The third pair, banana-yellow suede with a matte-gold tip .. one of a series in different colours. Once you've found a good shape - reproduce it and make your life a bit easier that way!

I also seek to make my life a bit easier by treating myself to a good old book every now and then. This one by Rizzoli is pure hard-bound joy - so well researched and illustrated. However, buying books is a double edged sword - you buy them as a treat because you've been too busy of late, and your being busy means you have very little time left to actually read the book. To top it all off, a hard bound is a hazardous bed-time read - I speak from experience.

Adieu for now, the sewing pile beckons .. but before I leave, here's a link to the wedding blog post which featured the beautiful Gozo wedding I was to some extent involved in and about which I spoke a couple of posts back <<photos here>> ... I just can't help looking through them again and again x

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