Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the home front ..

I came home with new hair to an equally new place: same place, same hair but an attractive freshness to both. No use dwelling on the reasons why I sometimes, sporadically and in the past, considered giving the scissors a break and letting my hair grow long (enough to tie back into a bun - never flowing locks, just a simple elegant bun). It happens every time, I sit in the hairdresser's chair, visualize Vanessa's appalled face at the suggestion of a longer hairstyle (Vanessa is a close friend and a staunch supporter of exclusively short hair on yours truly) and I go ''qaccat, man!'' (ie. ''choppity chop and pronto!''). 

That's basically the reasoning behind the haircut.

The house is another thing entirely. I have welcomed today a couple of hard-earned kitchen appliances I simply cannot believe I've done without for this long. Fair enough, I did have pale imitations of these brand spanking new ones - recycled appliances from kitchens across the island that have served us well but have taken a most worrying turn to the worse of late - but a clean slate and a clean start is looking very attractive right now, especially since I actively decided to devote more time to honing my cooking skills. What's more, my new appliances are bad-ass black beauties, metallic trims and all!

as pathetic as it may sound, I enjoy accessorizing my kitchen with bunches of fresh herbs!

This, on the other hand, is a beautiful arrangement that has come together quite by surprise. The hat and the book are my nannu's (*see the post before last), the colourful brass lamp from Morocco, the poster of 'Louis Cyr - strongest man on earth' and the red-I-never-tire-of on the walls.

And below, my first Lemon Meringue Pie!

Credit for whisking skills (apart from the 'new' Kenwood) go to Sarah, whose surprise visit delighted, and whose company in the kitchen remains unparalleled in terms of usefulness married with charm and a good eye for detail. We took photos of my first bake, made rose water lemonade with the left-over lemon juice and meringue rosettes with the left-over beaten egg whites. Thrifty & crafty lasses, is what we are!

mmm.. the 'artfully' piped meringue just out of the oven and that accompanying feeling in the pit of your stomach which is a mix of dread and exultation - hoping it'll cease with more experience and a helping hand in the shape of a new oven!

Oh, and this is Ingrid.. my new hat model. We met this morning and we fell in love. Below is a photo of another pair of lovers - re-united after a long, unprecedented break-up. These things just warm my cockles! As do Sue Perkins, unexpected peanut-butter biscuit gifts from Canada, talk of pashminas from Little India and a valid excuse to spend money on tassels in the near future!

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