Monday, August 6, 2012

In the pipeline ...

I woke up to a hot dark kitchen and realized that my flowers have dried picturesquely.
So I got to thinking about what needs to be done next in Babettopolis.

Here is some more felt in exciting new colours, courtesy of the ever gracious Michelle! I have, in the past, on interminable bus rides, whilst waiting for someone, late at night, been sketching a number of ideas for new hats. I plan to start working on them once I replace the bulb on my working-lamp, and once the weather gives up its nasty game. Roll on winter, give me weather that justifies hat making!

And here are bunches of feathers, generously donated by Rose, my mother's childhood friend! I have plans, many plans for these feathers, as does my cat! Pheasants, peacocks .. all welcome here!

Also I'll be going back to my dad's pottery studio soon, I have freshly made casts and moulds waiting for me in a line on the metal cupboard. I want to make tableware that tell stories, to help fill cupboards and tables with some charm. Fingernails full of clay, Balthus running around being a fuzzy (yet still somewhat endearing) nuisance, corona beer and the rest is my own little history (in the making).

I believe there's little else more satisfying than an object that turns out just as you had imagined it would, that comes out whole from its mould, that pleases the eye even in its most rudimentary state. 

Some excitement mounts! 

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