Thursday, July 19, 2012

Babettopolis, birds and (b)ineapples

I teamed up with Sarah from The Secret Rose once again for this
and the results, as expected, were beyond expectation. (yes I did a funny little loop there)

Seeing it on its intended wearer, picking out the perfect textured buttons, struggling with turning the belt inside out, cutting out and pinning the lining, fitting the shoulders on tightly, closing up and pressing the peplum ... I go in reverse memory mode and slowly realise that every step of the way was an enjoyable one.. from meeting up with the intended wearer and finding the lovely material at a very decent price in the 'bargain' basement, to sitting down with Sarah to discuss and 'sketch' the dense and perhaps slightly crazy (though still relatively conventional) design. Then we waited for photos of the to-scale sketches, then I drafted out the pattern and experimented a bit with box pleats, then we waited some more for the embroidery (you must understand that hand-embroidery takes ages), then we took it with us for our infamous (ok not really, perhaps I should have said 'super fun yet split-second') cameo in the V18 promotional clip.. some more fittings, a hell of a lot of stitching and voila!

the sketch.. a photo of it taken hastily before jet set for Dubai

 a joint label taking its time to dry!

here's the as-yet-one-sleeved jacket's appearance on the V18 set! ~ video here ~

Here's to more collaborations!  *cin cin
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  1. Don't we get to see it in all its glory on the intended wearer! :(