Saturday, June 9, 2012

in the spirit of all things V.18

Having been away from my sewing machine/laptop/tea/pin-cushion set-up for what felt like a month but was actually a week; I was surprised to receive news of this promo vid on the last day of my holiday in London. To be quite honest, I had been eagerly awaiting its launch all along - one rarely has the opportunity to see themselves on screen unless it is actually their job to do just that. Must say I am flattered to have been asked to participate, alongside Sarah of The Secret Rose and I hope I've done my bit for Valletta. Thanks go to the talented Rebecca Cremona and Martin Bonnici team for giving us free reign to set up a mock atelier in the Manoel Theatre dressing rooms and for making our pinning and embroidering look so good (i.e. sexy!).

<<< here is the promo clip >>> 

Any opportunity to go to, let alone work in, the Manoel Theatre is welcome. *it was too early to take a good photo without feeling dizzy. I was still waiting for my toast from across the road at this point. Yes we got there early, bags and mannequins in tow, dying for tea and basically really excited about the whole prospect. 

In one of the theatre's changing room we set up a very stylized working top and studio with our works and the all important jacket we're collaborating on. It is in fact this jacket (below) that is featured in the clip - I am mock-pinning on the sleeves and Sarah is improvising on the embroidery for the second sleeve. the joys of acting!

Hard work is rewarded with tea in styrofoam cups. Sarah and the jacket inset.

 Sarah doing us both a favour and taking good photos of the whole set up... 

... and of me and my tomato head dolly. May I just say that I really love how this jacket is turning out and can't wait to finish it in the coming weeks!

au rev manoel!
May we be blessed with another opportunity to work there.. meanwhile we plan to keep collaborating. It's such fun knowing you can trust someone's work completely. It's also fun to visit each other's house and work in company. Again.. again..

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