Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cat inspired mask

I am currently working on a lot of things contemporaneously.
Meaning.. I have a lot on the go and very little to show for it.

However yesterday evening I stayed up late watching episode 10 of the 1st series of 'ROME' - Julius Caesar's triumph episode to be exact, whilst putting the finishing touches on this maori/totem pole/cat inspired mask for musician and performer Yasmin aka YEWS .. <*click this link ere for more info:>

I am going to quote Lara on this because she put everything I had in mind into words.. she's good with words you see: 'That is truly awesome! Like a hawk-bear hybrid 1980s Hanna-Barbera superhero meets Mexican Wrestler meets Bjork meets Venice carnival! :-D'

all I want to do is make more masks for YOUS! (ok sorry for the bad pun).. and perhaps a couple of matching capes.

Meanwhile (for the sake of continuity and a common theme) here are a few scenes from 'ROME' in which Caesar would have benefited from having this mask:


  1. this is great! you crack me up!! :)

  2. this is great! you crack me up !! :) and yes, more masks (and capes sound ace too !!!!)