Wednesday, June 22, 2011

il-mara ta' llum

Ain't I one lucky girl to have come across so much stuff over the course of one day to have enough material to 'bla'/blog about.. above are the buttons a workmate has so generously passed on to me (amongst much more stuff that has reached me in a constant trickle.. making my days at work all that much nicer!) .. for these lovely buttons I'm prepared to give up many a summer eve.. I shall dedicate time and energy to find them suitable contexts and subsequently, homes.

And below are Butterick and Simplicity patterns my mother had stocked up on when she had me.. and perhaps even before that.. come to think of it, most patterns are (thankfully) not from the 80s, so these patterns must have belonged to someone else in the family before they reached us. In any case I daily thank the heavens above for having a mother afflicted with the same hoarding instinct; so much has survived because of our genetic coding.

And now to the real issue (*pun, however stretched, intended) behind this post.. During the same clear-out, my mum found and broght to my attention, several copies of what must have been a ladies' publication in Maltese from the early 80s.. and perhaps even slightly before that. Il-Mara ta' llum.. full of must have appeared seemingly useful for 'il-mara' (i.e. woman) .. a bargain at just 35c.. and what's more.. edited by a much younger Gloria Mizzi.

And amongst cooking, make-up, styling and crochet tips, astrological predictions and doctor's orders, much fun was to be had in just leafing through the ads. sections.. here are a couple of things that stood out.
Maltese Beauties on the covers..

Disco.. all the rage!

Marsovin Sauternes.. l-inbid ghall- Mara ta' Llum

nice and to the point...


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