Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swappity Swap

Here's an equation for you. An equation which works.

Yep, you heard me.. and it is coming form one who usually shuns large scale gatherings of the female sex. Maybe it was due to that secret ingredient in the punch, maybe it was my 'skillful' selective process when it came to inviting people (eqqhemmm!) or maybe ladies I know happen to be very nice indeed.. but the Swap Party was a success (save for a minor metaphorically-meteorological phenomenon) Yes, this is one reason why I've been putting my sewing aside for a while.. socialising takes so much of one's time and energy heh!

Here's the lowdown if you're interested in organising one yourself..

Make sure you provide some nibbles and a punch :)

Make sure those invited bring something along, home cooked or otherwise, because swapping requires a constant flow of fuel. It is a chore.

When selecting your guests make sure you have a healthy mix of temperaments.

Encourage even those who have few or no items to participate.

Throw strict rules out the window, swapping is best once left to grow organically.

Leave enough display space for your invitees' wares.

Throw in an amusing cat for good measure.

Start early, time passes by really quickly when you're swapping.

Have fun.

(P.S: Ideally you make sure no one suffers from cat fur allergies and make it a point that everyone shows up at a particular time to avoid disappointment.. but you know.. we have the 'first-time' excuse on our side!)

Here's what I managed to get out of le grand swap!

A lovely mix of costume jewellery which I've already put to use.

Loose flowery cotton dress (ideal for watching a football match in the sun or anything really), a white wool dress which took a whole room of people to convince me it somewhat suited me, and what we've baptized the 'Potential' blazer.. I'm adamant I'll bring every ounce of said potential out of it next autumn.

A communist-party worker coat in blue and a beautifully fitting leather coat from Morocco.

A grunge farmer's shirt plus stripey scarf (especially lovely once teamed with pink french knickers some three sizes too small qheqqheemmm!) and a polka dotted red shirt which fits like a glove.

A flowery skirt ideal for travelling for 10 days, hand-luggage-only, to Italy, in July.. you see, it doesn't crease and it's fancy enough to mask Bolognese sauce stains and ice-cream spatters... and a folksy dress to which I made some minor alterations (namely removing an extra strand of braiding from the edge of the skirt, which I shall in turn use for another project).

Oh and an assortment of (more) stuff.. a pair of prim shoes, a flowery pendant and matching pair of long cosy socks, a statement perspex neckpiece and a sequinned belt which needed only some minor adjustments...

So yes, I am a happy girl.. and so is Gustav.. who had a whale of a time exploring bags, piles of clothing and the odd fur hat. Dear Gustav.. you've just made 'Furry Snail' the definite look of the season. x


  1. Love it! Havent gotten round to photo-ing my own acquisitions yet - on my day off, promise :P And mayhaps it will be combined with jumble sale post..x'jien lura!

  2. i would like to gently hint at an encore...for my poor bag of stuff which had to stay home whilst I finished assignments! sounds like you ladies had a whale of a time :)